How can I push code changes from Github to WordPress?

A lot of our customers take advantage of our free test sites, where they can show their clients changes they’ve been working on, once the client approves the changes, they need to push those changes from the test site to the live site. This post will show you and them, how they can automate the process where files will go from Github to WordPress intelligently. Once this is setup, you’ll never have to manually remember what files changed, or push entire folders just to be sure.

In order to follow this tutorial, we must assume the following.

  1. You have git configured and working locally
  2. You have a two distinct test and production environments
  3. You know how to push changes to your github repo
  4. You know how to make branches in Git
  5. You know how to merge pull requests with Github

Dog Fooding –  A note about how this applies to us.

This is the workflow we use to push changes of our code from Github to WordPress. It makes it easy for non developers to test and vet out changes we’ve made to our presentation layer. This is not how we push content changes from test to production. That’s called content deployment, and there’s a very good plugin for that already.

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