Hostify's range of products provide everything you need to run a website.

A one-stop shop for your website.

Hostify offers the full range of services required to run your business online.

We provide domain names, email hosting, SSL certificates, CDNs and more.

And best of all – you can manage it all through our Accounts portal.

WordPress hosting.

Our Premium WordPress hosting is built on a blazing-fast managed hosting platform, optimised to deliver the best possible performance for your site. But we don’t just focus on speed – our platform is easy to use and intuitive.

Features include:

  • Digital Ocean VPS with NGINX, PHP and varnish caching configurations
  • Managed WordPress core and plugin upgrades
  • Daily backups and monitoring
  • World-class security

Hosting for Designers.

We understand that web designers have better things to do than worry about their infrastructure and WordPress installation procedures. So we set about building an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel, backed by a powerful platform. Now these professionals can focus on doing what they love best – building beautiful websites.

Features include:

  • Dedicated VPS
  • Hostify’s own Designer ‘Dashboard’ management portal
  • Passwordless login to WordPress sites
  • <1min WordPress installs (including DNS!)

Migrate your site to Hostify for free.

Step 1.

Fill out our secure migration form here. This will give us all the details we need to migrate the site.

Step 2.

We’ll log in to your WordPress site and copy it across to our platform. Your site will never go down during this process!

Step 3.

We’ll get you to review the site at a staging location. When you’re happy with it, we’ll give you a Signup link to create and account with us.

Step 4.

Once signup is complete, we’ll set the site live. The whole process usually takes less than 48hrs.

Domain names.

We offer a full range of domain name extensions, including and While .com is the world’s most widely-used domain extension, your business can benefit from a wisely chosen domain extension. Domains from Hostify include everything you need to kickoff creating an impressive and effective online presence.

Features include:

  • A range of local and international domains
  • New specialised TLDs – such as .builders or .soccer
  • Automatic renewals
  • WHOIS identity protection

Email hosting.

We offer email services from two of the world’s best providers – Google and Microsoft. But these offerings provide much more than just email. They offer full productivity suites with online storage, collaboration tools and more.
Features include:

  • Business class email and calendars
  • Online file storage
  • Online collaboration
  • Productivity apps

Want to supercharge your website?

To add an SSL certificate, CDN service and a range of other add-ons, headover to our Extras page, or simply add them into your cart as you signup.

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Hostify offers a range of Extras you can add to your website for specific purposes.

  • SSL certificates validate your website’s identity and encrypts all information sent to and from your website. When you have an SSL installed, your customers’ data will be fully secured for all financial transactions, usernames and passwords, and credit card information.
  • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that can help the static content on your site (images, CSS, Javascript) load much more quickly. This means faster page loads for your website visitors.

WordPress support.

We offer a service to carry out all of those annoying little tasks that you may not have time for or know how to do. You can log unlimited ‘small’ (30 mins or less) tasks as you want, one at a time. We will then have them done for you within 24hrs.

Example jobs include:

  • Formatting and posting Blog posts (send them to us in Word etc)
  • Fixing broken components on pages
  • Installing plugins

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Hostify has closed its doors.

In July 2018 we decided to focus on other ventures and closed down Hostify.

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