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Here is the pricing for some of our most popular domains.
 Domain 1 year 2 years 5 years 10 years  —  $30  —  —  —  $30  —  —  —  $30  —  —  —  $30  —  —  —  $30  —  —
.sydney  $90  $180  $450  $900
.melbourne  $90  $180  $450  $900
Domain 1 year 2 years 5 years 10 years
.com $20 $30 $100 $300
.net $20 $40 $100 $350
.org $20 $40 $100 $350
.info $20 $40 $100 $350
.biz $20 $40 $100 $350
.mobi $35 $110 $275 $550
.tv $80 $160 $500 $1000
Domain 1 year 2 years 5 years 10 years $20 $35 $90 $180 $20 $35 $90 $180
.eu $60 $120 $300 $500
.asia $60 $120 $300 $500
Domain 1 year 2 years 5 years 10 years
.nz $40 $80 $200 $380 $35 $70 $180 $330 $35 $70 $180 $330 $35 $70 $180 $330 $35 $70 $180 $330
.kiwi $40 $80 $200 $380 $35 $70 $180 $330 $35 $70 $180 $330

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Simple Domain management

We make it easy to purchase, connect and operate your domains like a pro.

Everything in one place.

It’s easier for everyone to keep all your hosting services in one place. This means you only have one business to deal with for any issues, one bill and one account portal to use.

Automatic renewals.

You never have to worry about renewing your domain yourself every year. With automatic domain renewals, we take care of renewing your domain registration when the time comes.

Easy Transfers.

Transferring your domain to Hostify is a breeze. Simply place an order and add your transfer code (called an EPP code), or just give us a buzz and we’ll do it for you – for free.

Domain Privacy.

Keep your domain contact details private from spammers. Available for all .com and .net domains.

Domain Manager Portal.

Get your domain up and running faster. With our simple, user-friendly control panel, it just takes a few clicks to connect your domain to a website, email, and more.

Multi-year deals.

Save money and skip the hassle of yearly domain renewals. With up to four convenient discounted registration packages to choose from, multiple-year registration protects your domains and your wallet at the same time.

Special requirements.

There are a few special requirements to consider when registering specific kinds of domains.

In Australia, or domains may only be registered to Australian sole traders, businesses or companies.

During the domain name registration you will be asked to supply an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), State Business Number, Trademark Number or Incorporated Association Number to prove eligibility.

To register a domain name, the same registration requirements are also in place. However, it is further restricted to only Australian non-profit organisations and registered charities. Australian associations, clubs, sporting groups, political parties and close equivalents may register domain names, although such associations must be nonprofit.

Information relating to your eligibility to own and hold the domain namecan be found in auDA’s policy at for further information.

Hostify is subject to the rules and policies set forth by auDA for .au domain name registrations. For any complaints related to .au domain names please contact auDa for information abut your rights and responsibilities. For further information please see auDA’s FAQ.

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  It is a US-based company that manages the global DNS.

Want to supercharge your website?

To add an SSL certificate, CDN service and a range of other add-ons, headover to our Extras page, or simply add them into your cart as you signup.

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