We give you a variety of support options.

We have a number of ways to make sure your website keeps powering on.

We understand that you have better things to do than worry about your website and email, but every so often things can go wrong.

So we have a number of different mechanisms to get you the information you need to get things going again.


Live status.




Support ticketing.


Live chat.


Phone support.


On location consulting.

Something’s gone wrong! Help!

Check out these quick references when your looking for something urgent or straight forward.

My website is down!
Confirm the website is actually down here.

Then – raise a ticket here.

My Email isn’t sending/receiving!
Check there aren’t any obvious issues by send and receiving a test email here.

Then – raise a ticket here.

WordPress Admin login
Simply click on the ‘Lost your password’ link at the bottom of your websites WordPress admin login screen (<yoursite>/wp-admin)

If that doesn’t work – submit a ticket.

Email login
Google Apps – Head to then click on the ‘Need Help?‘ link, then the ‘I don’t know my password’ link and then follow the instructions..

Microsoft Office 365 – Head to then click on the  ‘Can’t access your account?‘ link and then follow the instructions.

Atmail – Contact us directly – Atmail doesn’t have a user password reset feature.

If that doesn’t work – submit a ticket.

Hostify Account login
Simply click ‘Account > Forgot password’ from the Hostify accounts portal here.

If that doesn’t work – submit a ticket.

I updated my site’s plugins and something broke.
Try disabling the plugin by heading to ‘Plugins’ in your WordPress admin left handed menu. If the site works fine again, look at replacing the plugin or contacting a developer to discuss how to fix the compatibility issue.

If that doesn’t work – submit a ticket.

Content isn’t updating on my site.
When you are working in your “admin” you may notice that changes are not showing up on the front end of your site even after you double checked that your content is saved. This can be caused by our caching system, which caches your content to allow your site to run faster.

You can often fix this simply by purging the site cache. Click on ‘Purge Cache’ in the top Admin bar when logged in to your site’s WordPress dashboard.

For Billing or Support enquiries, please login to your Account here and click on the ‘Support’ tab.

For a more comprehensive set of guides, head over to our knowledge base here.

Community Spirit.

Here at Hostify, we love giving back to our community by supporting both small businesses and those on a mission. For qualifying non-profits and charities, we offer 2 months free (on an annual plan). To find out if your organisation qualifies, contact us!

Hostify has closed its doors.

In July 2018 we decided to focus on other ventures and closed down Hostify.

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Still need to get in touch with us for something?
Try our support email. We still check it sporadically. 

The Hostify Team.